Arizona Homeowners Insurance Quotes – Available Discounts

Arizona Homeowners Insurance QuotesHomeowners insurance is essential, but it is also pretty pricy. Many people can be put off of taking insurance that offers the extensive coverage they need due to the price of Arizona Homeowners Insurance Quotes. However, many applicants are unaware that they could be entitled to discounts on their premium. The discounts available may vary depending on the insurer, however there are some which are common throughout the state. These discounts are not always widely publicized but they are most definitely available at and are worth asking about. To give you some idea of the kind of discounts you may be entitled to, here is a quick overview.

New Home Discount

If your home is a new build that is less than 14 years old, then you could be entitled to a new home discount. Insurer’s consider new homes to be safer than older dwellings, due to the more modern heating, plumbing and electrical systems. These more recent systems should in theory reduce the risk of anything going wrong and therefore reduce the risk of you needing to make a homeowners insurance claim.

Home Renovation Discount

If you have recently made improvements to your home such as replacing the electrical or plumbing system or adding extra insulation then the safety and security of your home will be increased and insurers are willing to reward you for that, by offering you a home renovation discount on your insurance premium.

New Roof Discount

If the roof on your home has been replaced within the last 6 years then you may be able to get a new roof discount. A further discount may be applied if the materials used for the room are certified for their superior impact resistance. The more resistant the materials are the safer the roof will be and the lower the probability of any damage occurring to the rest of the home. Therefore, insurers are willing to reflect this low risk in their quote.

Home Safety Discount

When you go to get your Arizona Homeowners Insurance quotes from any insurance company, they will want to know that you are a responsible homeowner. Therefore, they take any example of you upholding the safety and security of your home very seriously. If you have added extra security measures such as fortified windows, and doors, as well as anti-theft devices such as burglar alarms and security cameras then it is highly likely that you will be eligible for a home safety discount.

Is Water Damage Covered by Ohio Homeowners Insurance?

Ohio Homeowners InsuranceMany homeowners only look at the payment page on their Ohio homeowners insurance policy to see how much money they’ll be paying every month. The only time they read the pages of fine print is after there’s been a problem at their house that might merit an insurance claim. That’s a shame, because if you know what’s covered and what isn’t when you’re purchasing homeowners insurance, you can often get additional coverage for only a few dollars more.

Water damage is one of the most common reasons for Ohio homeowners insurance claims, but it’s also the most misunderstood policy detail. The definition of water damage isn’t always what the homeowner expects it to be, and they may end up with no coverage when they need it most.

The first and most important thing to understand about Ohio homeowners insurance is that flooding is not considered water damage. Flood insurance is offered by the federal government, and is an entirely different policy than a homeowner’s insurance policy. If a flood damages your home you will not be covered unless you have flood insurance in place.

A much more common type of water damage in the home is the malfunction of an appliance that’s hooked up to the water supply. If the hose on a washing machine breaks, for instance, and releases hundreds of gallons of water into your house where it ruins ceilings, flooring, furniture, and other possessions, it is almost certainly covered by Ohio homeowners insurance. Some parts of the cost of putting your house back together again are not covered, however. For example, if you call an emergency plumbing service to make repairs on your leaking washing machine, the cost of repairing the machine is not part of your insurance coverage. Only the damage caused by the machine will be covered by a standard homeowners policy.

Not all repairs that stop leaking water are disallowed for a claim. If you have a copper plumbing pipe burst due to freezing weather, both the water damage and the repair to the pipe is covered by a standard homeowners policy. Plumbing that is installed permanently in your home is treated differently than an appliance and its accessories. If a hose that attaches an appliance like a washing machine ruptures, it’s treated as part of the appliance. If a copper pipe that feeds the washer develops a leak inside the wall, it’s treated as part of the house.