Be Prepared When Shopping for Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Quotes

Shopping for auto insurance doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. If you are in the market for Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes you should make sure to familiarize yourself with the basics of car insurance so you know exactly what you must have and what you may want to add for a full coverage policy.

Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. Many states opt for this status in order to cut down on unnecessary lawsuits that could just take up time and space in a court of law. If a state has no-fault coverage in place it means that your insurance will pay if an accident occurs whether it was your fault or not.

Each state has different mandatory coverage requirements in place. If you are going to drive on the highways in the state in which you live you must adhere to the required coverage or risk losing your driver’s license. Every state requires some type of liability coverage and Pennsylvania is no exception.

When you are gathering Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes from keep in mind that you must have liability coverage as well as medical benefits insurance. Even though this state has a no-fault policy you still have to have liability coverage. This makes sure that that any damages or medical expenses that were the result of an accident that you have caused will be covered.

You must have bodily injury coverage at the rate of $15,000 for each person for each accident. The total liability coverage must total $30,000 for each accident. You also must have property damage coverage in the amount of $5,000 for each accident.

These are just the minimum amounts of insurance that is required by law. You can certainly purchase higher quantities if you want as well as any additional coverage. Collision coverage is insurance that will pay for any damage to your car that was caused by an accident whether you were at fault or not. Comprehensive insurance pays for any damages you incur to your auto that are not the result of an accident, such as if someone were to break into your car and steal any belongings or anything of value inside. Neither of these types of coverage are mandatory but if you have a car loan, the place that has financed your car may require you to have both comprehensive and collision coverage.